Swinney: ‘Tajh Boyd isn’t scared of anyone’


By Will Vandervort.

By Will Vandervort

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney smirked when he heard what South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said about Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd Tuesday night.

Clowney, who is considered to be the best defensive player in the country and the possible top pick in next year’s NFL Draft, told the media at SEC Media Days in Birmingham, Ala., that Boyd was scared of him.

“He’s scared every time we play them. He knows he’s scared,” Clowney said. “You can tell if a player is scared if he looks at me every time before the ball is snapped.”

Swinney, who was hosting the media who cover Clemson at his annual media golf outing at The Reserve on Lake Keowee in Sunet, S.C., smiled when he was asked about Clowney’s comments.

“I don’t think Tajh Boyd is scared of anybody,” Swinney said. “(Clowney) is a great player. There is no doubt about that. He is a great football player.”

Clowney just did not attack Boyd during his conversation with the media. He also included Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez on that list.

Whether Boyd is afraid of Clowney or not, the fact is, the Gamecocks’ defensive end was disruptive in the Clemson game last year. He totaled four-and-half sacks against the Tigers last November. He also had multiple sacks against Georgia and Nebraska in their 2012 bowl game.

“He was a great player in our game, and was disruptive and made some huge plays,” Swinney said. “I look forward to getting another shot at him again this year.”

Boyd totaled more than 4,000 yards last season and was responsible for 46 touchdowns. Speaking highly of his team’s quarterback earlier in the day and on his toughness, Clemson defensive line coach Dan Brooks called Boyd a “Warrior.”

The good news is, all this talking will have to be played out on the field when the Tigers and Gamecocks meet on November 30 in Columbia. It should be fun.

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