Tigers plan to play through turnover issues

Tigers plan to play through turnover issues


Tigers plan to play through turnover issues

When he was watching the NC State game with Mike Williams earlier this week, Clemson co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Jeff Scott explained to Williams what he did wrong.

“You have to practice keeping the ball high and tight, even when you have your opposite hand on the ground,” he said to the starting wide receiver.

After they talked through that a little while longer, Scott looked at Williams and said, “You know what we are going to do when we get in that same situation? I said, ‘We are going to throw you the ball. That’s what we are going to do.’”

Scott compared Williams like a shooter in the NBA. When he is struggling, he is not going to just stop shooting. No, he is going to shoot himself out of the slump.

“I think Kobe Bryant said it one time. ‘I’ll go 0-for-30 before I will go 0-for-11.’ We have a lot of confidence in our guys and sometimes, unfortunately, the turnovers kind of come in bunches a little bit,” Scott said. “We had five turnovers against Louisville and then zero against Boston College and then came back out and had some costly ones this past week.”

Earlier in the season, Clemson’s offense had issues with dropping the football. The Tigers had 12 drops in the first two games this season, but have since cleaned those issues up.

“It is very similar to the drops. You are going to address it. You are going to coach it in practice like we have been doing, maybe find some drills during the open week to help the guys with it, but it is not something we are going to make a huge deal about,” Scott said. “I think that is the wrong way to go, really pound these guys about it. They are not trying to turn the ball over. They are trying to make plays. You have to give (NC State) credit, too.

“I went back and watched the tape. All three fumbles, their guy had a big part in those, too.”

The hit on running back Wayne Gallman caused him to lose the ball, which the ‘Packed recovered on what would have been a scoring drive. The same guy who caused the Gallman fumbled then stripped Tyshon Dye at the NC State one-yard line later on, and then of course there was Williams’ fumble at the NC State four-yard line, when he was trying to make a play.

“You give them credit, but it is definitely something our guys will get corrected here as we get ready for the back end of the season,” Scott said.

Clemson will visit No. 15 Florida State next Saturday night in Tallahassee, Florida. The game is schedule to kick off at 8 p.m. and will be broadcast on ABC.


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