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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics from Dabo Swinney’s Tuesday press conference, including Swinney on the team’s demeanor in practice yesterday, Swinney on the play-calling late in the game against Pittsburgh and Swinney on the lack of a running game Saturday.

Also, Dorian O’Daniel discussed the questionable penalty called against Ben Boulware on Saturday as well as Clemson’s struggles stopping the shovel pass against Pitt.

Here is what is trending on TCI today:

Swinney on team’s demeanor on the practice field yesterday

Swinney on playcalling late in game against Pitt

Swinney on a lack of a running game

O’Daniel on Boulware’s penalty

Dorian O’Daniel on Clemson’s struggles stopping the shovel pass against Pitt

Swinney on Hyatt injury

Swinney on the loss of Scott Pagano

Swinney on Fruhmorgen’s status

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