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TAMPA, Fla. — What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics, including ESPN’s Booger McFarland on Dabo Swinney, McFarland on the threat that Clemson receivers Mike Williams and Deon Cain pose to Alabama’s defense in the national championship game tonight and Jesse Palmer on the dilemma ‘Bama’s D faces against the Tigers.

Also, TCI went 1-on-1 with former Clemson great Sammy Watkins. And we give you our predictions for tonight’s game.

Here is what is trending about Clemson on TCI today:

Sammy Watkins TCI exclusive: Clemson building a dynasty

Sammy Watkins gives his thoughts on the national championship game

What kind of coach would Sammy Watkins like to see replace Rex Ryan in Buffalo?

Jesse Palmer on the dilemma Alabama faces against Clemson’s offense

McFarland on where Mike Williams and Deon Cain pose the biggest threat to Bama’s D

Booger McFarland on Swinney: “He’s the ultimate players’ coach”

Who does Booger McFarland give helmet sticker for tonight’s game

How pumped are you?

Why does Clemson win tonight’s game?

First Take crew makes their national title game predictions

TCI National Championship Preview and Predictions 1



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