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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of things, including Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers teeing it up and talking Deshaun Watson, Watson’s reaction to Rodgers’ comments, who could be the next Mike Williams and a Clemson commit making a big play in his team’s spring game yesterday.

Also, TCI is live from Raleigh for Game 3 of Clemson’s series against N.C. State, and we have a Saturday update on Chase Pinder’s status for the contest. We have the latest on where Clemson’s softball stadium could be put, as well.

Trending on TCI:

Live from NC State – Game 3

Saturday Pinder Update

Aaron Rodgers Tees It Up, Talks Deshaun Watson

Watson reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ comments

Clemson commit makes play in spring game

Bates drops in on top rising junior DE

Jervey Meadows emerges as primary location for Clemson’s softball stadium

Who is the next Mike Williams?



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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider today? A number of things, including a major sports magazine’s national title picks, injury updates on a couple of Clemson linebackers from Tuesday (…)

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