Grantham: ‘We saw people falling down, they just kept going down’

Clemson forward Donte Grantham was outside the team hotel along with his teammate Mark Donnal when the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain took place on Thursday.

On Friday night, after the Tigers arrived back home safely in Clemson, Grantham spoke with the media and described what he witnessed.

“Basically we were just talking a little bit and we just heard a really loud noise,” the senior said. “At first we thought it was gunshots, that’s how loud it was. It sounded like shotguns kept going off. Then we just look around and there was probably like 10,000 people just scattering everywhere, running at us.

“We saw people falling down, they just kept going down. We really didn’t stay to keep looking. We ran, got in our hotel and it was just hectic. A lot of people down there. That was really the most we saw. We didn’t really see the van but we just saw a lot of people falling down.”

Watch more of Grantham’s interview with the media on TCITV:

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