Boston College fans: ‘Clemson is the greatest place to go’

Though second-ranked Clemson ultimately beat the Boston College Eagles, 34-7, on Saturday, it did not stop Boston College fans from expressing how they feel about coming to Clemson for a football game.

“Clemson is the greatest place to go,” one Eagles fan said on Saturday. “Since there are so few BC fans here, ya’ll just bend over backwards for us.”

There were more than 80,000 fans at Memorial Stadium on Saturday as Clemson once again provided a great game-day atmosphere and experience for those who came from the New England state.

“This is the most people I have ever seen for a football game, so it is amazing,” another Eagles’ fan said. “It is way more than anything we see up at Boston College. It is kind of flattering that this many people come out for a game against BC.”

Watch as TCI’s Katie Florio and Olivia Garrison speak with BC fans about their Clemson experience. 

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