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Do you remember when everyone was saying Clemson and Florida State should leave the ACC and join the Big 12? Everyone was saying Clemson and Florida State will never win a national championship in football (…)


So what do you really have to talk about in a space that is reserved for football, but there is no football to really speak about? That was my dilemma this morning so I figured why not go back and look at the (…)

27 Mar

It’s moving week as the Clemson football team returns to the practice fields this afternoon behind the new Allen Reeves Football Facility in Clemson. The Tigers have six practices remaining before (…)

20 Mar

When the Clemson football team returns for spring practice a week from today, they will have seven practices remaining, including the annual Orange & White Spring Game in Death Valley on April 8. So what (…)

13 Mar

To this point there have been six practices, including one situational scrimmage and really the only news coming out of Clemson’s spring drills is that Zerrick Cooper, Hunter Johnson and Tucker Israel have (…)