Minute with Marlin

Minute with Marlin


Minute with Marlin


Everything is going good. Actually everything is perfect. I workout 2.5 hours every day. I take two days out for practice with the running backs. I am breaking down the defense for the game on Friday.

The Clemson coaches came down this week. Coach Napier and coach Cheese came by Monday to check on me and Cortez.

Coach Rumph and coach Powell are coming down to see me on Thursday.

I called coach Powell the last two nights. I talked with coach Rumph two days ago. We just talk about how my leg is going. We talk about when I will come up there again. They tell me how they are going to use me when I get to Clemson.

I’m running now. To be honest I think I will be ready to play in July. As soon as school is over I am going to train in Paisley. I will just come home on weekends. A lot of coaches have been by the past few weeks. Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Michigan and Southern Cal have all been by the school.

I am still firm with Clemson. Nothing has changed.

Yesterday Cortez told me he was going to switch back to Clemson. He said he is only about 45 to 50 percent with Florida State now. He has been calling coach Cheese every day.

I finish school on June 8. Everything is going good. I am still trying to enroll early, but I am not sure if I will be able to or not.

My vacation this summer will be the trip to Clemson. I am going to try to get up for the football camp.



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