"It all came together"

"It all came together"


"It all came together"


Former Berkeley standout Evan McKelevey didn’t know what to expect when he visited Clemson Wednesday, but he sure knew what he hoped would happen.

“When I first got there I was kind of excited because I always wanted to go to Clemson.  At first I didn’t really think I could get in at Clemson, but somehow it all came together,” said McKelvey.

During the visit the head hunter got to meet with most of the defensive staff.

“First I met with coach Brooks.  He told me about the tradition at Clemson.  He told me how much he liked my film.  He said he liked how I delivered a blow  to people.  After that he took me to meet coach Steele.  He pulled out the playbook.  I was like wow.  It was like a dictionary.  We went over a few plays and then they showed me the defensive meeting room,” said McKelvey.

Next the future Tiger got to meet with his future position coach.

“Then I got to meet coach Cheese.  He is a really funny guy.  He said he couldn’t wait to see me.  He said there weren’t too many like me because I like to play the game to win,” said McKelvey.

After that it was off to see Dabo.

“Then we went to see coach Swinney.  He was busy so we had to wait a little bit.  I was nervous to go in there.  He came out and I met him for the first time.  He told me how he hadn’t wanted to watch any more tape after April 1 since that was the last day to sign players.  He said they talked him into watching my tape.  He said he was surprised at how I played.  He told me I had an offer and I told him right away that I wanted to come to Clemson.  I told him I had always wanted to come to Clemson.  I told him Brian Dawkins was my role model,” said McKelvey.

Coach Moore was excited to hear the news.

“I came down with coach Moore and his wife.  They got emotional when I committed to Clemson.  Coach Moore was more emotional that she was,” said McKelvey.

What did coach Swinney tell the Berkeley standout about when he would enroll at Clemson?

“He said they had two guys that they weren’t sure if they would make it this summer.  He said if one of them doesn’t make it then I can enroll in August.   If both make it I will enroll in January,” replied McKelvey.

It was a day the  Palmetto standout will never forget.

“I have always wanted  to come to Clemson.  Things just worked out for me.  I have Andre Ellington there.  I use to go watch my cousin J.J. play a lot at Clemson.  I feel like I will be at home at Clemson,” said McKelvey.



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