Tigers Still Near Top for Burton

Tigers Still Near Top for Burton


Tigers Still Near Top for Burton


Clemson seems to have a knack for grabbing the attention of some of the best defensive end recruits in the country every year whether its Da’Quan Bowers, Ricky Sapp, Malliciah Goodman, or Corey Crawford. This year seems to be no different with multiple top defensive ends looking at Clemson including Clay Burton, a 6’3” 230 lbs. standout from Venice, Florida.

The prize recruit has already amassed over 20 scholarships but says Clemson is on of his top schools along with Georgia Tech, Norte Dame, Tennessee and Florida St.

“The coaching staff at Clemson is real cool, I like them a lot. I’ve been up there twice, one time for a game against Florida St. it blew my mind, it was such a great atmosphere. I like that they have a great football program and you can get a great education there,” said Burton. Clay says that one of the most important things to him is getting a good education.

“Academics will be key,” said Burton.

As for right now he is not rushing to make a decision. “I am just trying to take my time and see where I want to end up for 4 years. I’ll probably make a decision after I take some more official visits during the school year,” said Burton.

The Florida standout just finished up school last Friday; he plans on working out with his team this summer and getting better. He has been in contact with a lot of the Clemson coaches and continues to talk to them at least once a week.


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