Wade Ready to Lead Tigers

Wade Ready to Lead Tigers


Wade Ready to Lead Tigers


Senior quarterback Michael Wade is very proud of his teammate Kyle Parker and was pleased to see all of his hard work pay off Monday night.

“First off I was really excited and proud of Kyle. He is really deserving. He has worked hard and had a great year. For him to be able to do what he has done in football and baseball is unreal,” said Wade.

Michael watched the MLB draft with his roommate Richard Jackson.

“We were watching in online. When he got picked we said that is unreal. Kyle had told us Colorado was one of the teams they had talked with so we were watching when they picked,” said Wade.

Because of Kyle’s fast start to the baseball season Michael had an idea he could have an opportunity to lead Clemson this fall so he has been hard at work.

“I have been training at quarterback since spring practice. I knew Kyle was having a great year so I knew I might have an opportunity. I wanted to put myself in a position where I would be ready to compete and lead the team. I needed to be ready. Also the team needed someone around to point guys in the right direction this summer.
“I worked with a quarterback coach between graduation and the first session. I have been preparing so that I can be ready to help the team,” said Wade.

How will Kyle’s departure impact the offense?

“First of all Kyle is an unreal quarterback and had an incredible freshman season. I think people are going to understand that we are first and foremost going to be a running team. We have a talented offensive line and two really talented running backs. That will spark our offense. Tajh and I both can run the offense. I believe after four years in the program I am ready to run the offense. Tajh is coming along. We can get the job done. We don’t have to be the playmaker. We just need to drive the car. It will be huge if Kyle leaves, but I think we can keep things going,” replied Wade.

What does the former Riverside standout believe he can bring to team in Kyle’s absence?

“It is kind of hard to compare with Kyle. He has an incredible arm. One thing I can bring is a lot of leadership. The guys know what I have gone through. They have seen me take my chances with special teams and do what I can to help this team. The guys respect me. I can bring some leadership to the offense. With C.J., Thomas, Jacoby and now maybe Kyle gone a lot of the leadership will be gone. I have always been that guy since I was little. I have always had the mentality to do whatever I can to help the team win. I am a pretty fiery kind of guy. In high school my coach would always tell me I have to calm down. That is the way I have always played. I played that way on special teams last year. I would bring some fire to the offense,” replied Wade.

The football team has been hard at work this summer as Kyle has been leading the baseball team.

“The summer is going great. We have been working hard. We have one more week of the first session. This is one of the best summers since I have been here. We have high expectations for next season. I know a lot of people aren’t looking for us to do well. That is fine with us. I am really excited about what we can do this year. I think we are going to shock some people,” said Wade.



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