Trip to Omaha Top Ten

Trip to Omaha Top Ten


Trip to Omaha Top Ten

By made the long drive from South Carolina to Nebraska on Friday and Saturday.  Along the way we learned some things that we thought we would share for those that have not had the opportunity to make this trip.

TCI brings you the top ten things learned on the way to Omaha:

10. If you ever travel with the Clemson broadcast team you won’t have any problem finding a Dairy Queen.

9. The roads in Missouri are horrible.

8. If you listen to the 80’s station on XM radio long enough it will repeat the show you have already heard.

7. Based on the trip to Omaha and the fans we have seen so far it looks like the Gamecocks have brought more fans than the Tigers to Omaha.

6. Once you hit Kentucky and Illinois every exit has a McDonalds and a Super 8.

5. You will find a lot more Steak and Shakes in the midwest.

4. If you looking for a Bojangles or Chick Fil A you are out of luck.

3. Don’t take a 50 minute detour to avoid a 15 minute  delay.

2. Don’t believe anyone that tells you it is 15 hours from Greenville to Omaha.

1. There is a lot of confidence among those that have followed the Tigers all year about their chances against Arizona State.



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