Craig Brings Speed to Tigertown

Craig Brings Speed to Tigertown


Craig Brings Speed to Tigertown


The loss of standout wide receiver Jacoby Ford will be very hard for the Clemson offense, but the Tigers new receiver Joe Craig could be end up being a similar type player.

“Coach Scott said he wanted me on the inside and they want to use me similar to Jacoby Ford,” said Craig.

Joe will be arriving in Clemson on Sunday with all the other incoming freshman football players. The Gaffney standout should be ready because he has been spending his summer staying in shape.

“I have been mostly just working out with my track coach. I lift Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and run Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said Craig.

Joe picked Clemson because they showed him they wanted him the most “Clemson was basically the first to look at me and they showed me the most interest so when they offered, I accepted,” said Craig.

Joe’s overall goal at Clemson is to fulfill his child hood dream of earning a college degree and playing in the NFL. But for now he is worried about getting on the field.

“For my first year, I want to just get on the field and get some playing time, I got to make sure that I go hard every time I get in. I was talking to a couple of my friends and I told them I was probably just going to go out and take a on a really big guy to get the coaches attention,” said Craig.

The Palmetto standout said that Tajd Boyd, Quandon Christian and Terrance Ashe are three older players that Joe has kept in contact with and will follow their lead when he gets to Clemson.

The two sport star will be majoring in either engineering or business and says he can’t wait to Clemson because he is pretty bored at home.


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