The Shaq Diaries

The Shaq Diaries


The Shaq Diaries


By Shaq Anthony.

Clemson verbal commitment Shaq Anthony, one of the leaders of the 2011 class, is doing a diary for  In this edition Shaq breaks down his experience at the Dabo Swinney football camp and more!

I really enjoyed the Dabo Swinney camp. It gave me the opportunity to compete at get better.

I had fun working with coach Scott one on one. I learned a lot about kick sliding. I learned to keep my weight on my inside foot so I can power down on the defensive end. When you are kick sliding left if you lean right it will help you keep your balance so you can power down.

I got to a chance to workout with some up and coming talent. I enjoyed working with Oliver from 96. I got to see some talent that I wouldn’t see during the season.
I hung out with Eric MacLain some at the second camp. I got to meet his family.

During the first session I didn’t workout. I hung out with Tony, Charone and Jerome.

Jerome and I are like brothers. We talk all the time. We plan on rooming together at Clemson.

This week I have talked with Charone a little. I was just on the phone with Ryan Norton a few minutes ago. I wanted to talk with Grady, but I haven’t yet. I wanted to congratulate him. I got to go against him at camp.

I am working out every day. I have weight lifting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I do speed work on Tuesday and Thursday. I am about 6-5, 270 now.

I am going to Georgia for the 4th. I am going down on Saturday to see some of my uncles and aunts.


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