ACC & ESPN Announce Multimedia Agreement

ACC & ESPN Announce Multimedia Agreement


ACC & ESPN Announce Multimedia Agreement


Thursday morning ESPN and the Atlantic Coast Conference announced a major multimedia agreement.  ESPN Executive Vice President John Skipper and ACC Commissioner John Swofford made the announcement.

ESPN and the ACC have signed a 12-year agreement that will begin with the 2011-12 season.   The financial terms of the deal were not announced.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford believes the deal will take the ACC to the next level financially.

“We are very pleased today to officially announce that the ACC has reached an extensive multimedia agreement with ESPN for 12 years beginning in 2011-12.  The agreement will allow the league to reach new heights financially.  Our institutions will benefit tremendously from this agreement.  This is a terrific day for the ACC,” said Swofford.

ESPN Vice President John Skipper worded with Commissioner Swofford over the past year to finalize the new agreement.

“First I want to thank commissioner Swofford. College Sports are part of the DNA of ESPN.  We are thrilled to have a new longterm agreement with the ACC,” said Skipper.

Commissioner Swofford believes the new deal will position the ACC to remain stable in the changing landscape of college sports.

“We look at our league as a very stable one.  This deal only increases that stability.   I will tell you that our schools will be receiving with this deal more than double the television revenue that they have in the past.  I believe this enhances our stability,” said Swofford.


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