Leggett Reflects on Special Season

Leggett Reflects on Special Season


Leggett Reflects on Special Season


Clemson head coach Jack Leggett held his postseason teleconference on Wednesday. As he looked back on the 2010 season he was very proud of what the Tigers were able to accomplish.

“I feel really good about our season. Our kids played well, especially down the stretch. We overcame some adversity and fought through the middle of the season. That is the sign of a good team. This team is one I will always remember,” said Leggett.

The 2010 Tigers were one of the best Clemson teams ever according to their head coach.

“This was one of the very best in Clemson history. Only a couple of teams have made it this far. To face what we had to along the way was unique and tough at the same time. We faced some obstacles that we had to overcome. The team had to keep battling and keep their confidence going. We swung the bats extremely well, especially down the stretch,” said Leggett.

Thanks to the determination of the players, good senior leadership and great team chemistry the 2010 Tigers according to the Tiger’s skipper.

“When I look back we played about as good as we could play for an important part of the year, the latter part of the season. We were very young in the pitching staff. To go as far as we did speaks volumes about how the kids developed and how the coaches did with this team,” said Leggett.

While some fans and media members wanted to focus on the loss to South Carolina and their national championship, Jack understood how special the 2010 Tigers were.

“You have to keep this in perspective. We had two of the last three teams playing in the College World Series. I am not going to let anyone diminish how hard this team played and how well they played. When Wilson Boyd made that great catch in center field and I saw him in the dugout drenched I knew he gave everything he possibly could. That was as good an effort as he or anyone could possibly give. They were laying it on the line. I will always think of this as a very special team,” said Leggett.

Clemson’s head coach has already turned his attention to making another College World Series run in 2011. The return of John Hinson, Jeff Schaus and Casey Harman would put the Tigers as one of the favorites to return to Omaha.

“Well I am already looking forward to it. I am already planning, thinking and scheming about next year. Obviously if we get Schaus, Harman and Hinson back it makes a big difference to our team. I hope to see those guys back in the fall and make another run at this thing. I want what is best for them, but I think there is a great opportunity here for them. There are a lot of positives for them if they come back. We keep in touch with all three and we will see how things workout,” said Leggett.


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