The Shaq Diaries

The Shaq Diaries


The Shaq Diaries


By Shaq Anthony.

Clemson verbal commitment Shaq Anthony, one of the leaders of the 2011 class, is doing a diary for  In this edition Shaq discusses a great performance by Wren’s 7-on-7 team, the 2011 recruiting class and more!

I was very proud of my Wren teammates who won the 7-on-7 at Brynes last week. They were doing it big. I went over there Thursday after workouts and they had already started. I watched them and they played so well together.

I came back Friday and they were still undefeated. The beat Hoover on Friday. On Saturday they were still very hot. We beat Hoover again to make the finals. Then Hoover and Greenville played and we ended up playing Hoover again in the finals. We were unstoppable. Our quarterback was really seeing the plays. A couple of the games came down to the last minute and the last play, but they pulled it through. The Glory of God carried us through. People are seeing what type of team we are.

Austin did a great job at quarterback. A couple of times he was under pressure, but he knew how to buckle down and get it done. Elliott Caldwell played great at receiver. He had like three touchdowns per game. Raymond also played great at receiver. Our coaches are confident in all of our receivers. We have like five receivers we can go to at any time.

I have been talking to DeShaun a lot. He was there at the 7-on-7 for Daniel. I had a chance to talk with him and his dad.

Our team is going to Florida for a huge 7-on-7 tournament. I am not going as I will be on vacation. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss this vacation as next year I will be at Clemson in the summer.

Deshaun talk a lot. He was there with Daniel. My dad got a chance to talk to him.

We are putting together a really good class. The reason is most of us have a really good relationship. It is complicated because we all have different schedules, but we stay in touch.

I will be doing some more recruiting. We know what we need now. We need to get some of those top linebackers. I know Clemson really wants Clowney as well.

We start practice on August 2. I am just ready for the season to start. When I go to the passing leagues we can’t do anything but watch. You get excited but you want to be out there playing. I want to see what happens when we have a complete product. It is my last season so I really want it to be successful. I also want to polish my game as much as I can.



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