Decision Day for Parker

Decision Day for Parker


Decision Day for Parker

By has the latest on the Kyle Parker situation as things stand Tuesday morning.

After talking to sources very early Tuesday morning, both groups are holding to their guns.  The typical negotiations are going on between Kyle and the Rockies.

Tuesday will be a critical day for the negotiations as both sides try to reach an agreement before the end of the day.

If the Rockies decide to meet Kyle’s demands on Tuesday and get him in their system to concentrate on baseball a decision will be finalized Tuesday for Kyle to become a fulltime baseball player.

If the Rockies don’t meet the demands, Kyle will determine if the numbers on the table are enough for him to walk away from football or if he will return to Clemson to play in Death Valley this fall.

All of the information is on the table between the parties.  Each side is clear with what the other side wants.

A decision will be made on July 20 by Kyle and  his family.



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