Williams Working Out Like a Tiger

Williams Working Out Like a Tiger


Williams Working Out Like a Tiger


Clemson verbal commitment DeShawn Williams got a feel Wednesday what it will be like when he practices with the Tigers.

“We went over to the dike today. First we ran like a mile on top of the hill. Then we went straight down and back. We stretched some and did another one,” said Williams.

It wasn’t the first time DeShawn has run the big hill at Clemson. He hopes he will be more prepared when he arrives at Clemson next year.

“It was my second time doing it. I am glad I am getting a feel for it now. Coach Batson will have something for us so I am glad I am getting use to it. The hard part was running backwards. Running up the hill wasn’t too bad, but it was a lot steeper than I thought,” said Williams.

After working out hard all spring, the Daniel standout has added some serious muscle.

“Right now I am probably 280 or 275. Coach Brooks asked me every time we talk about my weight. He doesn’t want me to lose too much. I want to be quick off the ball, but still have my power. I have put on about ten pounds of muscle,” said Williams.

The top defensive back keeps in touch with another top defender and future teammate.

“I am trying to get like my future teammate Grady. He is like his uncle Ray Lewis for real. I talk to him a good bit,” said Williams.

DeShawn has been working hard to convince another top defensive lineman to join the Tigers.

“I talk to Dukes all the time. He says Clemson is still on top. I told him we need the beef. Once he takes a visit for a game he will fall in love with Clemson. If he comes up for the Miami or Georgia Tech game he will fall in love with it,” said Williams.

The return of Kyle Parker will help the Tigers make it back to the ACC Championship according to the prize recruit.

“I am really glad. I was happy for him that he got drafted so high, but I am really happy he came back. Now one of the leaders on the team is back. Now we know for sure they will go back to the ACC Championship Game. The offense will go a lot smoother with him,” said Williams.



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