Davis: "We will win the ACC"

Davis: "We will win the ACC"


Davis: "We will win the ACC"


Clemson verbal commitment Cortez Davis is working hard to prepare for his last season at Mainland High.

“I have been working out with my school. We are lifting and running right now,” said Davis.

The Florida standout believes his team can win without Marlin for the first half of the season.

“We are going to be alright. Marlin has to do what is good for him. I haven’t seen him workout in a while so I can’t tell you where he is right now,” said Davis.

On July 11 the prize recruit switched his commitment back to the Tigers. Have the Noles been hard after him since he made the switch?

“It hasn’t been bad. I haven’t really talked with them,” replied Davis.

Coach Rumph and the Clemson defensive coaches are making sure Cortez knows they want him running down the hill next year.

“I have been talking to coach Rumph and all of the coaches. They are excited about everything,” said Davis.

The top defensive back had hoped to make it to Clemson this summer, but that won’t happen.

“I am going to have to wait until the season starts. Marlin and I will come up for a game,” said Davis.

Now that he is firm with the Tigers again, Cortez is talking frequently with his future teammates.

“I have been talking with a lot of people. I have been talking with DeShawn, Grady and some others,” said Davis.

Good things are ahead for the Tigers when this class arrives.

“We are going to be good when we get there. We are going to win the ACC for sure,” said Davis.

Before heading to Clemson, the Mainland standout has a few things he wants to do.

“I am going to try to break the interception record. I am close to the career record. I had three last year,” said Davis.

The talented corner will go both ways during his senior season.

“I am going to play corner again, but also play offense. I will play receiver on offense. I am excited about that. I didn’t play much receiver last year,” said Davis.



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