Ecstatic Peters Arrives Sunday

Ecstatic Peters Arrives Sunday


Ecstatic Peters Arrives Sunday


For much of the summer Garry Peters has wondered if he would make it to Clemson this year. After working hard in the classroom this summer, the top defensive back got some good news Wednesday morning.

“Wednesday morning coach Rumph called me early. At first he was joking around telling me the details of where I would have to go. Then he said the only problem was figuring out how to get me down to Clemson on Sunday,” said Peters.

Garry jumped out of bed after hearing the good news.

“Oh man I was ecstatic. I jumped out of the bed and ran and told everyone. My mom already knew as coach Rumph had called her earlier in the morning,” said Peters.

Sunday Garry will travel to Clemson to move in with his new roommates.

“I am going down tomorrow (Sunday). I will be rooming with Darius, Tavaris and Justin,” said Peters.

The top corner can’t wait to hit the practice fields.

“I have been running and working out hard. I am ready to get up there and show them what I can do. I haven’t touched a football in a while. Usually in high school I get to play spring ball. It will feel good to get back out there,” said Peters.

The prize recruit hopes to see the field this fall in Death Valley.

“I want to play. If not I wouldn’t mind red-shirting. Coach hasn’t really said much about that since I have been working so hard on my grades,” said Peters.

The Georgia standout still can’t believe he will be enrolling this week at Clemson.

“At first I really had some doubts, but in the end I worked hard and pulled it out,” said Peters.


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