Beasley Ready to Climb Depth Chart

Beasley Ready to Climb Depth Chart


Beasley Ready to Climb Depth Chart


By Gray Gardner.

The last time we talked with freshman tight end Vic Beasley, he was just trying to get used to the transition from high school to college. His biggest concern was to adapt to the atmosphere and get to know all the players.

Now, two practices into his career at Clemson, Beasley’s focus has shifted to bigger and better things. The freshman athlete is now most concerned with working his way towards playing time this fall.

“I’m trying to make it up to that second spot (on the depth chart). If I make it there I’ll be satisfied,” Beasley said.

Beasley is currently receiving time with the third team, also known as the “PRIDE” team by the coaching staff. This group is reserved for freshmen and redshirts who are still trying to learn the ropes. Beasley said he is “just trying to work (his) way up from that point.”

Coaches and players have already raved about Beasley’s athleticism and his potential to be a threat in the passing game. But Beasley knows that in order to be a playmaker, he has to know the plays. The staff has put the pressure on Beasley to learn as much as possible this preseason.

“They’ve been real intense – they want me to learn them (the plays) as soon as possible because they’re trying to see who will be able to play during this camp,” he said. “We’re just trying to get the playbook down and trying to learn as much as we can.”

Beasley said his second day of practice “went pretty good” from the learning standpoint.

“I’m getting used to the formations and the plays a whole lot better. I’m just coming a long just studying the playbook and just trying to focus on the plays and focus on getting better each and every day,” he said.

Beasley accredits his teammates for helping him stay focused on learning and working hard.

“They’re great teammates and they keep pushing me to be better and better,” said Beasley.

By the end of camp Beasley will know if his hard work has been enough to earn him early playing time as a freshman. By that point the coaches will have solidified a depth chart, one that Beasley hopes to be a part of. And although he certainly wants to be on the field come September 4th, the freshman recognizes that it is still very early in his career.

“It’s my freshman year – I have plenty of time,” said Beasley.



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