Bellamy Thinking about Noles

Bellamy Thinking about Noles


Bellamy Thinking about Noles


Earlier this year when 5-star running back Mike Bellamy gave a verbal commitment to the Tigers, he let Tiger Nation know that he planned to be the next C.J. Spiller.  Sunday afternoon with just a few keystokes on his computer Mike got fans from Florida State very excited and made Tiger Nation very nervous.

Late Sunday afternoon the top running back posted the following simple post on his Facebook.

“I’m thinkin FSU”.

His Facebook page lit up within minutes with fans jumping in with their opinions.  After many fans from both sides responded, Mike added, “I don’t know yet.  I want to see how it is at FSU”.

Should Tiger fans be nervous?  Was this just a joke he was playing with the aide of Facebook? checked with Mike to get the latest.

When asked if he Tiger fans should be concerned or if it was just a joke, Bellamy responded, “I don’t know.”

It appears the Florida standout is considering the Noles.  Is he going to switch his commitment to the Noles?

“I don’t know yet,” responded Bellamy.

There will never be another C.J. Spiller for what he did on and off the field at Clemson.  His legacy could certainly lead other top running back to try to follow in his footsteps.  Will Bellamy stick with his commitment to the Tigers and try to be the next C.J.?

We won’t know that answer until signing day in February and things could change several times before that time.  It certainly won’t be easy for a 5-star running back from Florida to do what he wants and sign with the Tigers with all of the local and family pressures that are sure to come.  That is one of the things that made C.J. so special.  He showed time and time again that he was his won man.  Will Mike do the same?  Stay tuned!



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