Thursday Dabo Practice Report

Thursday Dabo Practice Report


Thursday Dabo Practice Report


By Trey McCurry.

Clemson had its lone practice of the day Thursday night. The practice, which was delayed 90 minutes due to storms in the area, was attended by motivational speaker Butch Lumpkin. Lumpkin, a golfer with deformed hands and arms, spoke to the team prior to practice and Coach Swinney spoke at length about Lumpkin after practice.

 “Butch Lumpkin is a person who has ever reason in the world to complain,” said the Tigers’ head coach. “Instead, he has been successful in seven sports and has a low handicap in golf and is competitive in tennis. He sets a great example to people about what it means to maximize what you do with God’s gifts.”

 Coach Swinney also talked about the weather delay and how frustrating that can be for a team. Instead he said the team took advantage with some extra meeting time. “It is a little frustrating with the delay, but we still had a productive day.”

 The team used the practice to get more work on certain game situations at tonight’s practice. Two of the areas, in particular, were coming out from the one and then goal line (where the offense starts at the three and has two chances to score). “I would call the first part a draw, but the offense really pushed the defense around some during goal line.”

 The team concluded practice with some conditioning drills. Swinney specifically called out Brandon Thompson, Miguel Chavis, and Jarvis Jenkins for leading the pack during the sprints. “It is really impressive to watch the team finish practice the way they did with conditioning,” said the second year head coach.

 Swinney also addressed Kyle Parker and his situation with the Colorado Rockies and the upcoming signing deadline on Monday.

 “The negotiations have not distracted Kyle at all.  He has been able to be successful in two sports because he has such a great ability to compartmentalize. When he is on the football field, he is all football. He was a little rusty the first day, but has done a super job of picking everything back up. He is doing a really good job of leading, and that’s one of the things I challenged him on. .”

 Swinney also said he will work with Parker to adjust his schedule some on Sunday night and Monday so that he will have to opportunity to do what he needs to do.

 Clemson will have only one practice Friday as most of the team will head to Bamburg, SC for the visitation of Da’Quan Bowers father. After returning that night, the team will hold its second scrimmage of the fall Saturday morning at Memorial Stadium.


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