Friday Dabo Practice Report

Friday Dabo Practice Report


Friday Dabo Practice Report


By Gray Gardner.

Dabo Swinney addressed members of the media after his team wrapped up a two-hour practice Friday morning. 

“Good tough practice this morning…had to go late last night with a quick turnaround back in there with meetings at 7:45 this morning. I challenged them as far as their attitudes and having the right perspectives and coming to work this morning,” Swinney said. 

“You can be like a bunch of ducks and quack and complain or you can be like an eagle and soar above everything and I thought that they pushed through everything this morning.”

 Swinney said the practice consisted mostly of situational drills. 

“Lot of red zone, lot of green zone emphasis today, skel and team pass so I thought we got good work on both sides. That’s an area we got to get better in if we’re going to be what we wanna be. We got to score points and we got to keep the other team from scoring touchdowns.” 

The team will have its second scrimmage in Death Valley tomorrow. Swinney says he hopes to see improvement and consistency across the board. DJ Howard, Bryce McNeal, Coty Sensabaugh are questionable for tomorrow’s scrimmage.

The Tigers will spend Friday afternoon in Bamberg with defensive end DaQuan Bowers. Bowers’ father passed away earlier this week. Swinney had a different team outing planned for the night, but decided it would be best to spend time with Bowers. 

Other Notables: 

-CJ Spiller’s number will be retired during the Maryland game. “We talked about doing it in the spring but you know, I think he should be embraced in Death Valley. That’s where he’s done his magic. He’s one of the best that’s ever been here.” 

-Drew Traylor is making a name for himself at tight end. “I tell you, I can’t say enough about Drew Traylor. That’s why you don’t write guys off, why you don’t quit on people. He was one I wasn’t sure he’d ever man up and do what he needed to do to be a contributor but he’s bought in. He’s had an excellent camp.” 

-Dwayne Allen is primed for a breakout year. “I don’t ever hear him. It used to be you couldn’t make it through a period without hearing him. Now I just see him. He’s working extremely hard. Dwayne has been a joy to be around every day and is on his way to having a great year.”


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