Dabo Pleased with Offensive Performance

Dabo Pleased with Offensive Performance


Dabo Pleased with Offensive Performance


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney was very pleased with his offensive performance in Saturday’s scrimmage.  Dabo said the offense ran the ball and threw the ball well.  Swinney was pleased with the number of big plays by the offense.

Parker was extremely sharp according to Swinney.  The first and second team offensive units didn’t have any penalties during the scrimmage.

Coach Swinney said the Tigers didn’t suffer any additional injuries Saturday.

The only negatives on the day were two fumbled snaps and a 4th and short where the offense came up short.

Malliciah Goodman received praise from coach Swinney for his play in Bower’s absense.  DaQuan should be back at practice on Monday.

Watch coach Swinney discuss Saturday’s scrimmage, the improved offense, DaQuan Bowers and much more!



Clemson’s James Parker hit a double to the gap in left center field which allowed Dylan Brewer to come all the way home from first base. The Parker double gave the Tigers a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the (…)

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