Parker: "I've been truly blessed"

Parker: "I've been truly blessed"


Parker: "I've been truly blessed"


By Trey McCurry.

Kyle Parker was back on the practice field today for the first time since agreeing with the Rockies Monday night and took time after practice to talk with reporters about the whole process and how everything was Monday night. 

“The biggest thing was that they (the Rockies) wanted to know I wanted to play baseball or I wouldn’t be signing with them. But obviously I wouldn’t be here playing football if I didn’t want to be. I am excited for the path created for me in an organization that values me as a first-round pick.” 

When asked how the Monday night was and how it felt to finally have the whole deal over with, Parker smiled and looked relieved. “It’s hard to say you can get stressed out by something like this since it is such a great opportunity, but it was a big decision that will affect me a long ways into the future. I’ve been truly blessed with this opportunity.” 

“Five or six years down the road, if I’m in the big leagues then that’s what I wanted to do and it would be an awesome thing for my future. Right now, I am happy those doors are open and someone would invest that in me to potential be a professional player.” 

Parker also said the process went down to the wire, all the way up to 11:55. He indicated it used lots of talk about contract language and it was intense. “A contract is a lot of legal language and little phrases that you have to look out for. In my case, it was more difficult since there are so many things that can happen. You are sitting there reading a 14-page contract and going over a two-word phrase that could affect my future. At the end, I felt like it was. I wouldn’t have made the decision to go if I wasn’t.” 

Parker also commented on how he really doesn’t understand the process in general, with the long time frame between draft day and the night the contract is signed. “If you look at everyone else in the first round, they are all going through the same thing. There is so much time in between so why do you have to cram it down into the last two hours, but I’m happy that it turned out in my favor.” 

One of the final things the redshirt sophomore address was whether this would be treated as his senior football season. “I honestly don’t know right now. I wouldn’t be back playing if I didn’t think that I was any good or it wasn’t a future option for me. Is it going to outweigh my baseball future? I don’t know yet. Hopefully I can sit back at the end of this season and look at it and maybe make an evaluation. If not, I’ll go play baseball and be happy doing that. “


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