MacLain Planning Return Trip to Valley

MacLain Planning Return Trip to Valley


MacLain Planning Return Trip to Valley


By Keith McGonigle.

2011 tight end verbal commit Eric MacLain took in a scrimmage Clemson two weekends ago, and liked what he saw from Dwayne Allen, another tight end from Eric’s home town Fayetteville, NC, “it was great to see how they incorporated the tight end, and it was great seeing ‘DA’ out there playing. He has gotten a lot better.”

There were not too many recruits watching the scrimmage so Eric and a few of his teammates went on the field and talked to Dabo and some of the coaches. Dabo said the Eric ‘was a sight for sore eyes.’

Eric is excited about coming up for Clemson’s first game against North Texas and seeing the Tigers against a real opponent.

The 6’5” 245 lbs. tight end recently had his first game last Friday, “We won 44-7, we were nasty on defense, and everything was clicking on the offense.”

Eric pulled in one catch for 17 yards to go along with a few pancakes on offense. Eric also had a few tackles on defense, where he plays end for his team.

Eric is one of the best tight ends in the nation, but his involvement in the offense really depends on the team they are up against, “We run basically a spread offense with a bunch of running and waggles. It depends on what defensive scheme people run against us. If they run the 3-4, we just pound it until they switch. We also can do a lot of play actions and different stuff in the passing game.”

The last two year the Jack Britt Buccaneers have gone to the state championship but fallen short. This year the biggest goal is to finish off the season with a win in the state championship game.

Eric was elected team captain this year and hopes that he can help lead his team to the championship.

“My biggest goal is to lead the team and do the best I can do. In the past we have been missing that vocal leader, so this year I am trying to be that person.,” said MacLain.

Eric worked all summer on getting ready for the football season.

“I worked a lot on explosion, jumping over stuff and lifting weights. I also worked a lot with my teammates on running better routes, working on hands, and the little nuances,” said MacLain.

School started for Jack Britt students on Wednesday.



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