Scott Looking for Separation on the Field

Scott Looking for Separation on the Field


Scott Looking for Separation on the Field


The biggest question mark of August has been the depth chart at receiver.  Coach Jeff Scott spoke with about the situation just days before the North Texas game.

How ready are the receivers for the first game?

“We have had a lot of time since last season.  They have known that their time is coming.  They have all looked at it as a great opportunity.  They have worked extremely hard.  I don’t just look at the last four weeks of practice.  I really look all the way back to the spring drills that they were doing.  Going into the fall they have worked extremely hard knowing this day was coming.  I think everyone is just preparing and getting the final details down.  They are just excited about the opportunity we have Saturday,” said coach Jeff Scott.

Jeff says there is still no separation among his receivers heading into the owner.  He hopes to see some separation on the field.

“I think the separation is going to have to happen on the field.  A lot of guys are going to get opportunities early in the season and the guys that make the most plays are going to be the guys that we are going to continue to play,” said Scott.

Jeff hopes that five or six receivers will separate.

“Ideally you would like to have six guys that you can count on to play because you are going to have injuries that come along and also the more guys you feel comfortable with the more you are able to rotate guys and keep them fresh.  The ideal size would be somewhere around five or six guys that could roll for a game,” said coach Scott.

Watch coach Scott discuss the opening game of the season, his receivers and much more!


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