Rally Cat Report - Season is Finally Here

Rally Cat Report - Season is Finally Here


Rally Cat Report - Season is Finally Here


By Georgia Anderson.

So the first football game is just a day away! And as I’m sure all of you fans have been, us Rally Cats have been counting down all week for the 3:30 kick off against North Texas.  During each 6:30 am workout and each evening practice, our motivation everyday has been to look our absolute best for our fans and our tigers in Death Valley this Saturday.  We’ve drilled our sideline routines and gone over in detail our game day responsibilities, and I really think we’re ready to show that off.

            Before all of Saturday’s festivities however, we will be participating in the First Friday Parade, which will be starting at 6:00 pm today at the corner of Cherry Rd and Highway 93.  I hope everyone will come out to see not only all of the sorority floats, the Clemson University Band, and the Clemson Cheerleaders, but also the first performance of the year by your Clemson Rally Cats!  We are so excited to show off our new team and have been practicing and practicing what we think is a super fun and entertaining routine.  The performance will take place on Bowman field at the conclusion of the parade. 

            As far as Saturday goes, the Rally Cats will be making pregame appearances all over campus.  You can look forward to seeing us leading the tigers during the tiger walk, doing some pregame dancing at the Radio show outside Little John, and of course participating in the Parade into Death Valley.  And of course, don’t forget to look for us on the sidelines during the game, and dancing in the end zone after the third quarter.

            Looking ahead to next weekend’s game against Presbyterian College, the Rally Cats and Cheerleaders will be holding our annual kiddy clinic.  The kiddy clinic gives children the opportunity to “be a cheerleader/rally cat for a day”.  The cost is $60.00 and includes cheer and dance instruction, a t-shirt, and lunch.  The date of the clinic (Clemson vs. Presbyterian College Game) is September 11, 2010.  This is a fun day that we always look forward to, and we are hoping to have a big group of kids! So to all of you Rally Cat fans out there, spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!  A registration form and more detailed information about the clinic can be found at clemsontigers.com on the spirit squads’ page.

            Once again, I cannot reiterate enough how extremely excited all of us are to see Death Valley come to life and to see our Clemson Tigers dominating out on the field!  I hope to see all of you fans out there cheering them on and wearing your game day orange and purple!



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