Dabo Sunday Teleconference

Dabo Sunday Teleconference


Dabo Sunday Teleconference


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney held his Sunday teleconference to discuss the North Texas game. 

Opening Statement

We have reviewed the film pretty good on this side and there is not much different than yesterday.  Again, we are just really happy we won the game.  We did some good things.  We gave up ten points.  That was good.  We played hard.  I thought we hit the quarterback.  Coverage overall was pretty good.  Offensively we had some good physical running and that starts with your guys up front.  8 and 23 were excellent.  We average 9.2 yards per play and had some big plays that were a result of being able to run the football.  The wideouts blocked well.  The offensive drive blocked well and we gave up no sacks.  We didn’t have a lot of offensive penalties.  For the first game overall I thought it was pretty good. 

Obviously we have a lot to improve upon.  That is what we will go to work on trying to do this week.  We are going to try to hold guys accountable for their jobs.  We will see if we can get a little bit better.  Defensively we just didn’t play well enough.  I am disappointed in our time of possession and the amount of yards that we gave up.  I don’t want to take anything away from North Texas because they did a good job, but it was just not a good start for us.  There were too many big plays and we were not good on third down.  We couldn’t get off the field.  A lot of it was not tackling well.  We have to take this film and challenge the guys and hopefully we will go out this week and just keep getting better. 

We will get back to work tomorrow morning with the players and get on to Presbyterian.

What is the status of Chavis?

I think he is going to be okay.  It was probably just a low level grade one ankle sprain.  He should be fine.  We will see how he goes the next couple of days.  There was not much swelling and it doesn’t appear to be something that will linger.

Were you pleased with what you saw from the young receivers Nuke, BrYce and Jaron?

We just rolled them.  They all played.  We just didn’t have the ball.  I hate that we didn’t get more opportunities for those guys.  One of our goals going into the game was to try to get all of them some opportunities so that we can continue to evaluate them.

Nuke Hopkins and BrYce they didn’t have the look of freshmen.  Neither one of them seemed overwhelmed.  They did a nice job and as I have said several times I just think they are going to be good players.   BrYce had a good play on his first catch and did some good things.  Nuke had a couple of nice plays too and almost made a great catch on a low ball.  Also he had a great block.  It is good to see a freshman out there playing with that kind of physicality.

Any concerns of overlooking Presbyterian?

Well I went home last night and turned on Sports Center and like most other people in the country I don’t think many expected Jacksonville State a I-AA team to go down to Oxford and beat an SEC team in double overtime.  Them boys in Oxford didn’t think they would get beat.  They are all sick.  If you are looking ahead you set yourself up for a big fall.  We will get to work on Presbyterian and obviously it is a team that we should be better than Presbyterian, but you have to go play.  You have to play it on the field.  I don’t think they are going to come in here and forfeitt the game.  You have to go win the game on the field and you have to do the things that it takes to win.  Again as I’ve said it really is not as much about who we are playing.  It is about us and we have got to get better.  That is going to be our goal this week.

How much did you miss Brandon Maye and how is he doing?

Well I will know more tomorrow.  He looks good and I am hopeful that he will be able to play some this week.  Certainly we missed him.  He is a good player.  Tig Willard was getting his first start and playing many snaps which he has not done.  It would have been good to have Brandon there, but hopefully Tig will learn from this film and get better.  Having Brandon back will certainly be a bonus.

Kevin Steele speculated yesterday that the defense might have had dead legs.  Did you see that on the film?

I thought they played hard I just didn’t think we tackled well.  We just didn’t execute like we are capable of from defensive standpoint and that was probably the most disappointing thing to me.  We just have to play better this week and that is what we are going to try to do.

Do you expect any lineup changes based on how some of the younger receivers played or others?

Well that is always a possibility, but right now we will watch the film with these guys tomorrow and we will every day is an evaluation day.,  We will set the lineup on Thursday and go play.  There is not anybody on offense that I am disappointed in, we have a few guys defensively that I am disappointed in.  That I know are better players.  We will challenge them appropriately and see if we can get them better.  It is one game and hopefully we will improve this week.

Any other injuries other than Chavis?

Not that I know of.  Michael Wade has a little bum shoulder but we will probably limit his contact this week.  He should be okay.


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