Minute with Marlin

Minute with Marlin


Minute with Marlin


By Marlin Lane.

Clemson verbal commitment Marlin Lane, one of the top running backs in the nation, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition Lane discusses whether he will take other visits, his plans to visit Death Valley, a timetable for his return and more!

We didn’t have a game this week. We had a bye week.

My knee is getting better.  I’m doing some different things now on the balance ball.  I have been practicing with the team.  I will start hitting this week.

It looks like September 23 may be my first game back.  We will see how it goes when I take contact this week.  I need to take some licks.  It is close to 100 percent.  It is real strong.

We play Sanford this week.  They won the state two years ago. 

I talked with coach Rumph the other day.  We talked about my grades and how my classes are going.  I have a 2.6 core right now.  I am in good shape to qualify.

I know there have been some reports that I may take some visits.  I am thinking about taking a visit or two to schools where some of my former teammates are playing.  I don’t know for sure yet.  I don’t know if I am going to take any others or not.

I know I am 100 percent with Clemson, whether I take any visits or not.

I was just talking to him Cortez before you called.  We will be coming up for the Miami game.

I watched the Clemson game.  I saw the first score by Ellington and then I saw Jamie do some nice runs.  I liked seeing both of them go for over 100 yards.


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