Parker: "Everything went fairly well"

Parker: "Everything went fairly well"


Parker: "Everything went fairly well"


Clemson starting quarterback Kyle Parker met with the media on Tuesday.  What did Kyle think of the offenses performance against North Texas?

“I thought everything went fairly well for the first game and not really knowing what to expect.  There are a lot of things we can learn from but the most important thing is that we won,” said Parker.

Kyle believes the young receivers have a lot of talent, but just need more reps.

“I still think there is a lot that we can improve on.  Honestly I think there are some guys that have a lot of talent that haven’t really gotten a lot of reps that we are going to need to depend on.  We are just going to go out every day and try to get them better and give them a lot of opportunities,” said Parker.

Kyle expects to see it all from Presbyterian on Saturday afternoon in the Valley.

“They have a lot of different defensive looks.  It is going to be good for us,” said Parker.

Coach Napier has given the second year quarterback the ability to make some calls at the line of scrimmage based on certain packages.  Kyle made the call at the line on the 60 yard touchdown run by Andre Ellington.

“They gave me the liberty to check run, check screen pass or check pass.  I went in there and the backers were out of the box and we had a good matchup.  I called a check run to Andre and they blocked it up and it turned out good,” said Parker.

Watch Kyle discuss the North Texas win, his young receivers, changing plays at the line of scrimmage and much more!


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