Napier Sees Young Receivers Emerge

Napier Sees Young Receivers Emerge


Napier Sees Young Receivers Emerge


Clemson offensive coordinator was pleased to see some of his young receivers emerge in the openign game of the season.

“I was excited to see some of the young guys get in there and get their feet wet and make some plays,” said Napier.

Coach Napier is giving Kyle more freedom with play calling at the line of scrimmage.

“It gives you a better chance of success.  The defenses are so multiple.  You have to have some of that in your package.  It helps him in the other phases of the game.  When he has to study the defense from that standpoint.  It helps with the other plays,” said Napier.

Kyle is given certain packages and allowed to call the play at the line based on what he sees from the defense.

“We carry in three or five combo’s where he can walk to the line and change the play,” said Napier.

Watch coach Napier discuss giving Kyle more freedom with play calling, his running game, North Texas and much more!



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