Jarrett Enjoys Trip to Death Valley

Jarrett Enjoys Trip to Death Valley


Jarrett Enjoys Trip to Death Valley


Grady Jarrett visited Death Valley Saturday with his family to watch the Tigers whip the Blue Hose.

“My mom and my sister came with me.  They really liked it.  It was kind of what I expected.  It was good to be there.  I like it every time I come up there,” said Jarrett.

The trip to Clemson allowed the prize recruit to speak with several Clemson coaches.

“I got to talk with Dabo, coach Scott and coach Rumph.  They said they were glad to see me.  I got to talk with Dabo in his office.  He told me how glad he is to have me on board.  He was asking how things are going with my team,” said Jarrett.

How is the season going for the top defender?

“We are 2-1 right now.  We won our last game in the final seconds on a field goal.  We won 3-0.  We really played good defense,” replied Jarrett.

Grady keeps in touch with his good friend Marlin Lane and also with several other future teammates.

“I talked to Marlin yesterday. He is doing good.  I was texting Cortez today.  I talked to DeShawn and Shaq at the game.  DeShawn and I text sometimes,” said Jarrett.

The star defensive lineman will be back in the Valley when the Canes come to town.

“I will be back for the Miami game.  I can’t wait,” said Jarrett.


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