Gilchrist Focused on Execution

Gilchrist Focused on Execution


Gilchrist Focused on Execution


Clemson cornerback and returner Marcus Gilchrist will play a big role for the Tigers as they try to defeat Auburn. 

What does Marcus know about Auburn?

“Just what we have seen on film.  Their offense looks pretty good.  They have a lot of weapons.  We are just going to go out there and try to do what we do to stop what they do,” replied Gilchrist.

Marcus has been impressed with what he has seen from Cam Newton on film.

“He is a very athletic guy.  He has a great arm and he can run as well.  I fell like he has a great combination,” said Gilchrist.

Marcus is focused on what the Tigers control, not what Auburn does.

“I feel like we know a lot about ourselves already.  Our main focus is to go out there and do our job.  To complete our tasks that we have.  They just happen to be the opponent that is on the schedule next,” said Gilchrist.

Watch Marcus discuss the upcoming game with Auburn:


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