Maye Ready to Attack

Maye Ready to Attack


Maye Ready to Attack


Brandon Maye can’t wait to return to Alabama and the football field.  The junior linebacker had a message for the media this week.

“It has been a long two weeks for me not being able to go out there with the guys.  It has been very hard for me, but I have learned a lot of things watching on the sidelines.  I have learned to be a cheerleader first off and be a leader.  Second off it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t acknowledge the people that have helped me during this recovery process to make a speedy recovery,” said Maye.

Brandon went on to thank a number of people for helping him return so quickly from his injury.

Maye had allowed his energy level to impact his play in the past.  How does he guard against getting too fired up for this game?

“You have to make sure you don’t get caught up in all the elements that are part of this game.  You need to focus on your job and doing your job and not worry about the fans or College Game Day or your family being there.  Your coming back to the state of Alabama.  You have to focus on Clemson Tigers and focus on us as a unit,” replied Maye.

Brandon knows the Tigers will have to play assignment football Saturday night.

“We have a great challenge ahead of us.  We have a team that is well coached.  We have a team that has great backs, a great offensive line, great receivers.  The quarterback is very good.  He is 6-6, 240 pounds and he can run the ball.  We have to make sure that we wrap-up.  Whether they run or pass we have to make sure we come out and execture,” said Maye.

The challenge will be stopping Newton when he gets out of the pocket and runs the ball.

“In the words of my good friend Ray Lewis we have to make sure that we go out there and attack,” said Maye.

Watch Brandon discuss returning from injury, heading home to Alabama, the challenge the Tigers face against Auburn and more!



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