Napier: Time of Possession Critical

Napier: Time of Possession Critical


Napier: Time of Possession Critical


Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier says that the playing time for receivers will be determined by what they see in practice this week.

“I think at that position we will continue to play the same group.  The quantity of snaps will ultimately be dictated by what we see in practice this week.  I do think some of those guys are showing that they are capable.  We had another good week making the layups is the way I would describe it.  Hopefully we will continue to whittle that lineup down and develop some continuity as we go” said Napier.

Clemson has shown the ability to score quickly over the first few games.  Billy says the Tigers would like to improve their time of possession as they head to Auburn.

“I think that is a factor.  I think that goes back to numerous play drives.  It is a dual-edge sword to some degree.  Obviously it helps when our defense is not on the field and theirs is.  That is a factor you face in each game.  Particularly with this group if we can control the amount of plays they will have to play that will help us,” said Napier.

Billy knows having an experienced quarterback will help the Tigers Saturday night in a hostile environment.

“There is no question.  In particular at that position.  It is important at every position, but in particular at that position.  I think it is extremely important that he has been there.  He knows what to expect and he can visualize what it will be like,” said Napier.

Watch coach Napier discuss the game with Auburn, his young receivers, longer drives on offense and much more!


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