Traveling with the Tigers - Day 1

Traveling with the Tigers - Day 1


Traveling with the Tigers - Day 1

By brings you a diary as we travel with the Tigers this weekend. 

Lee and I had the opportunity to travel with the team this weekend thanks to winning the Auburn trip during the auction at Dabo’s All In Ball last spring.  What happens with the team stays with the team, but we will share a daily diary about our trip.

We left Clemson on one of  the team buses around 1:15 Friday afternoon after a great meal in the WestZone.  Two movies were played during the trip on our bus which made the trip go by more quickly.

We arrived in Columbus, GA at our hotel around 5:15.  Dabo and Kathleen provided great hospitality during dinner as joined them at their table for dinner.  We all met in the room to eat, listened to a brief reminder of the expectations of each of us from Head Coach Dabo Swinney, and then after returning thanks for the meal we were about to eat, we were welcomed to a buffet full of good eats.

The first item in the line was New York Strip Steaks, layed out by doneness from medium to well done.  Next in line was mashed potatoes and gravy, followed by brocolli and then macaroni and cheese.  After that, you had the roasted chicken, and then the pasta and homemade meatballs and sauce.

On another table, we were offered salad and all the toppings and dressings you could imagine, and on one other table was the fruit and ice cream dessert.

 The coaches and team had their game faces on the minute they stepped off the bus.  They clearly understand this is a business trip and the purpose is to bring home a victory for the Tigers.

The team left around 7:00 to go see a movie.  Around 9:45 the team returned to the hotel.

After returning from the movie Dabo met with the team at the hotel.  We were able to attend this meeting and see Dabo at his best.   The highlight of the day was seeing Dabo talk with the team Saturday night.    As Lee and I left the meeting we both agreed we were fired up and ready to hit someone ourselves.  While we can’t share what was said in the meeting we can tell you that Dabo did a great job of preparing the team for the challenge that awaits them Saturday night. 

We look forward to attending meetings  with the team Saturday and heading over to the stadium Saturday afternoon with the team.  The team will return to Clemson following the game and the bus ride will certainly be incredible if the Tigers can bring home a victory.

We will have another diary up Saturday night as we return to Clemson.


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