Parker Tough as Nails

Parker Tough as Nails


Parker Tough as Nails


When Kyle Parker decided to return for another season of football some questioned if his 1.4 million dollar contract would prevent him from putting his body on the line to help the Tigers win.  Anyone that knew Kyle already knew that answer, the others found out Saturday night as Kyle came back from an injury that would have sideline many players.

Kyle was feeling aweful when he met with the media following the overtime loss.

“I just got beat up.  I feel aweful right now, but I didn’t come here to watch our guys and leave them when they needed me the most.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the job done, but injury or no injury that is no excuse,” said Parker.

Was it just a matter of inches that cost the Tigers the victory?

“Yeah I guess so.  This is one of those where you leave and you really know you should have won.  I think we did everything to earn it and win the game.  Thats the game though.  We didn’t win it and there is nothing we can do about it.  If we keep thinking about that one it will be a long year,” replied Parker.

Although Jaron Brown had the winning touchdown in his hands on the third down play in overtime, Kyle took the blame for the play.

“I think it was a bad pass if I have anything to say about it.  I think I could have made it a lot easier on him.  I think he did a great job of getting open and I take 100 percent of the blame on that one,” said Parker.

Did the injury impact the throw to Brown?

“You know probably.  Obviously I didn’t feel good going out there, but you have to push through.  I think anyone else out there would have done the same thing I did.  If they were able to play and I felt like I was able to play.  They would have gone out there and gave it their best.  That is what I did.  I think the guys respected that and expected that out of me.  It just doesn’t seem fair that we didnt’ win, but I guess its not fair sometimes.  We will get over it.  It was a tough one to swallow but we have to move on,” replied Parker.

What was Kyle dealing with the most?  Was it a back problem or a shoulder problem?

“I just couldn’t move.  I was just uncomfortable.  No big deal.  You have to make plays,” replied Parker.

There was never any doubt in Kyle’s mind that he was going to come back after the injury.

“No, I knew I was coming back in.  They would have to take me out on a stretcher before I would come out,” said Parker.


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