The Good and Bad

The Good and Bad


The Good and Bad


By Keith McGonigle.

Time to take a look at the good and bad from Saturday night’s 27-24 overtime loss to Auburn.

The Bad: A heartbreaking loss to a team that I think Clemson was much better than.  This was is to hurt for a whole, especially with no game this weekend, players and coaches are going to have a long time to think how they could have won this one.

The Good:  Clemson had one of the best first half’s I have ever seen them play.  They went to a tough environment against a ranked opponent and game out ready to go and simply beat Auburn physically for the first half.  Clemson showed they can hang with a good SEC team and they are still 0-0 in the ACC. 

The Good: QB Kyle Parker showed a lot of toughness taking big hits and staying in the game and fight through it.

The Bad: I do not think he really trusts any of his receivers enough yet other than TE Dwayne Allen, and rightfully so, there were a couple of drops and balls that should have been caught on third downs that were not that really hurt drives.    I would like to see a little more of DeAndre Hopkins and Bryce McNeal.

The Good: Andre Ellington looked unbelievable running the ball and Jamie Harper looked very good out of the back field catching including one of the best catches you will ever see.  I liked in how they got them involved in screens and dump passes, I think they should continue to pound the ball with them like they did in the first half.

The Bad: Jamie Harper is good for 2-3 yards every time and I like him in short yardage situation especially with his pass catching ability, but he bounces runs outside too much and he really killed a couple of drives.  I would have much rather seen Andre Ellington having 25+ carries and Harper seeing 10-15 carries.

The Bad: The linebackers really killed Clemson.  Once again the QB read options were a problem for Clemson, and this time I tried to watch for what specifically was the problem.  The one thing I noticed was that on a numerous occasion the Clemson linebackers were simply getting lost in the middle and not recognizing the play or missing tackles.  I saw this happen to Corocio Hawkins a good amount of time and it resulted in big runs from their backs and QB.

The Good: The defensive line was physical and aggressive; I think they did a very great job.  I liked seeing Da’Quon Bowers in there for most the game.  I think he should be in on almost every play, he is very stout against the run and is obviously can get after the QB. I thought the secondary played good too.  They let up a couple of big plays, but they had to be aggressive and come up and try to make plays because the linebackers were letting up a lot on the ground, so I do not blame them.  I really think they should consider moving DeAndre McDaniels back to linebacker/roamer position he played two years ago.  He recognizes plays so fast and comes up and makes a lot of tackles for loss.


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