TCITV: Parker Not Rushing Recovery

TCITV: Parker Not Rushing Recovery


TCITV: Parker Not Rushing Recovery


Kyle Parker is glad the Tigers have a bye week so he can recover from the injuries he suffered Saturday night. 

How does Parker feel after the injury?

“I am glad we have the bye week, but I feel kind of like you would expect after a tough game,” said Parker.

Does Kyle feel like more later this week?

“I am trying to do everything to get my body right.  I think the biggest thing we are worried about is I may be feeling fine now, but how do I feel after I take a couple of hits.  We are not really trying to over do it.  I feel fine with the reps and I feel good that whenever I am in there the offense kind of knows what they are getting and we can get in a rhythm.  So we aren’t too worried about that right now,” replied Parker.

Did Kyle at any time think he wouldn’t go back out there?

“No, no.  I came back to play and compete.  The biggest thing is I wanted to see where football leads me.  Right now I am not counting out the possibility of me playing football in the future so to go out there and quit and  give up did not send a good message.  As a competitor that is not how I have been raised or how I am programmed.  I wanted to go out there and give it all I had and try to give our team the best chance to win,” replied Parker.

Kyle felt good about how the younger players produced Saturday night in a difficult environment.

“I think the biggest thing was a lot of guys that haven’t really made plays came out there and even if they weren’t making plays with the ball they were playing fast,” said Parker.

Kyle told his teammates he would need their help after his injury.

“It is tough.  I have never really had pain like that during a game.  It was tough knowing how I felt.  I kind of let our players know that someone was going to have to make a play.  It was going to be tough for me to go out there and do my best and put everyone in the best situation.  We were going to have to step up and get it done as a unit,” said Parker.

Kyle didn’t think Jamie would be able to make the catch when the long touchdown pass left his hands.

“That was just unbelievable.  I couldn’t even seen it after I threw it.  I saw him jumping and I said ‘man we have missed that one’, but he hauled it in.  It was unbelievable,” said Parker.

When he was first injured Kyle felt  like his body might not let him go back out there.

“My body felt like I couldn’t keep going, but especially with the game where it was I felt like there wasn’t an option.  I didn’t feel like anything was broken or punctured or anything so I went back out there,”  said Parker.

Was it one of the most difficult bus rides he has ever had?

“Yes, well the pain medicine they gave me kind of knocked that one out,” replied Parker.



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