Harper: Best Catch of His Life

Harper: Best Catch of His Life


Harper: Best Catch of His Life


Jamies said hit layout touchdown catch was the best he has ever had.

“Definitely, definitely, definitely,” said Harper.

Jamie knew he and Andre would do good things from the time they met at the Under Armour All-American game before heading to Clemson.

“Since we set foot on campus we knew exactly how it was going to play out. It was just a matter of showing the world.   Our coaches knew and they believed in us.  Obviously they gave us a lot of opportunities and we just went out there and tried to lay it all on the line for our team,” said Harper.

Jamie had seen Kyle’s toughness long ago so he wasn’t shocked to see Kyle come back on the field after the injury.

“I pretty much knew.  That is Kyle.  Since he has been little when he was sick and just all kind of things.  I remember him beating us at Pop Warner.  He had the flu and came out there and ran a spead offense at like the age of 12 so that is Kyle.  I knew he was going to come back in and give it all he had and we gave it all we had for him,” said Harper.

“Usually the guys kind of ride his back.  The roles changed a little.  We told him we are here for you.  We are going to make it happen for you,” said Harper.

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