Dabo: Parker Getting Spring in Step

Dabo: Parker Getting Spring in Step


Dabo: Parker Getting Spring in Step


By Katherine Anne.

Clemson head coach Swinney left practice a few minutes early Thursday evening.

 “I am going to miss the last 2 min. because I have to go to Greenville for an interview. The team is practicing well after an emotional loss. You always worry about this day after they get a couple days off, and where their minds are going to be. We had a very competitive pass period during the beginning of practice. We’ve got a lot of guys with more spring in their step which is good to see,” said Swinney.

The younger players are getting extra work during the bye week.

” They will get another good day of conditioning. All the JV is here while we are practicing the Varsity. We are taking some of the JV players and giving them one on one practice,” said Swinney.

Parker practiced more on Thursday.

“Kyle was a little better today he is starting to come around. He threw the ball around today and is starting to get a spring back in his step. He isn’t ready to do cart wheels yet but he is on the mend,” said Swinney.

Several players have stood out to Dabo.

“Depth chart wise Xavier Dye is definitely up there and Daquan has been consistent. Daquan and Dye are going to continue to be great asset to the team. We have only played three games but we do have some great data,” said Swinney.

Dabo has been pleased with the team’s attitude this week in practice.

“I believe our guys have the right mentality and demeanor at practice. Everybody wants to win and to be good. It’s all about working on ourselves and getting better. I think that Auburn game has been put to bed in the players minds. However I do not want them to forget the feeling of losing and what it felt like on the bus ride back home. I want them to remember those Tigers,” said Swinney.



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