Allen: Execution Key to Beating Canes

Allen: Execution Key to Beating Canes


Allen: Execution Key to Beating Canes


What did Dwayne see on film from the Auburn game?

“A lot of mistakes on our part.  At the end of the game a lot of people try to blame the plays at the end but there are so many within the game.  Like when it is third and nine and Kyle is back there scrambling for his life and he throws one up for me and I don’t make that catch.  If I make that catch we go down and possibly kick a field goal and win the game and not having to go to overtime and win it.  We saw a lot of mistakes.,” replied Allen.

When you looked at the film did you see what Dabo always tells you that it is all about us?

“Exactly.  That is what he means about it is all about us.  Take away everything and it is not about them.  It is about us and the mistakes that we made.  That is why we lost the game,” replied Allen.

What do the Tigers need to do to get a win against Miami?

“We just need to execute.  We don’t need to worry about all that other stuff.  It is homecoming and all of that.  There will hopefully be a lot of guys that come back.  That is extra.  Next Saturday we are here to play football.  That is what we need to concentrate on and execute,” said Allen.

Dwayne wasn’t surprised at how well the Tigers played in the game against Auburn?

“The only thing that surprised us is that we lost.  Going in we knew that we would win the game.  It just didn’t happen that way,” said Allen.

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