The Rally Cats Never Stop

The Rally Cats Never Stop


The Rally Cats Never Stop


By Nicole Smith.

The Rally Cats got a different view of watching the Tigers play this past weekend. While some of us had the opportunity to go to Auburn as Clemson fans, many of us watched the game in front of our televisions here in Clemson. As awesome as it would have been to be able to travel with the team and cheer them on, the Rally Cats do not travel to away games. But we were all certainly doing the Tiger Rag dance and yelling out cheers in front of our televisions in our dorms or apartments!

Although the Tigers did not bring home a win against Auburn, all of us Rally Cats are still so proud of our Tigers and we cannot wait to cheer them on when we host Miami, next Saturday (October 2nd), over our Homecoming weekend!

Speaking of Homecoming weekend, which is just one week away, this is the next big event and performance that the Rally Cats are preparing for. Homecoming is something that the whole team is looking forward to, for many reasons, but for one huge reason being that Tigerama, which is on the Friday before the Homecoming game (October 1st), is one of the biggest performances that our team gets to do on Clemson’s campus. Our evening practices have become more intense than ever with us drilling our three dances that will be performing at Tigerama. Along with drilling these dances, we have been picking them apart to be sure everyone is in sync with each other and, of course, we are striving for performance perfection! The dances look great already, so now it is all about having fun and doing what we all do best: Dancing! Within this next week leading up to Tigerama and the Homecoming football game, we will continue to practice our three dance routines, while still working on all of our sideline routines as well. Come support many athletic teams and school organizations at Tigerama on Friday, October 1st! Admission is $10 at the door, $8 in advance and just $6 for Clemson students with a student ID. GO TIGERS!

As the semester progresses, school is getting tough, workouts are pushing our limits, and practices our keeping us strong, but above all, our team is becoming one of a kind, and our bond with each other is flourishing more and more each day. Being able to dance beside your best friends while cheering on the Clemson Tigers is what makes being a Rally Cat such a special privilege and experience that none of us will ever forget!



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