Gilchrist Ready to Move Forward

Gilchrist Ready to Move Forward


Gilchrist Ready to Move Forward


Senior corner Marcus Gilchrist has quickly turned the page to focus on Miami.

After three weeks where is the team right now?

“I feel like the team has learned a lot about ourselves.  Everybody has put this last game behind them and we are ready to move forward,” replied Gilchrist.

Was this the first real test for the team?

“Of course we got a litte more tested, but not more than what we had seen in the spring or August.  That is one thing the coaches do well is they prepare us in practice so when it comes to game time it is easy,” said Gilchrist.

How helpful is the off week with Miami coming to town?

“The more film you have on an opponent the better.  They may have a new wrinkle that we haven’t seen in the previous two games so we want film,” said Gilchrist.

Watch Marcus discuss the loss to Auburn, the bye week, Miami and much more!



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