Ellington: "We got better each game"

Ellington: "We got better each game"


Ellington: "We got better each game"


Andre Ellington put up big numbers against Auburn, but he would trade that for a victory.  Red-shirt sophomore Andre Ellington can see the Tigers making progress each game.

“I feel like we got better each game.  Each day of practice we go out there and compete and try to make each other better,” said Ellington.

Andre almost had the winning touchdown in overtime against Auburn, but got caught by one defender.

“It was a screen play with one or two blocks that could have made it into a touchdown.  We didn’t get it done, but that is alright,” said Ellington.

Although the Tigers lost to Auburn, Andre is confident the team is moving in the right direction.

“I saw a team that is coming together before our eyes.  I didn’t see any quit in any of the players,” said Ellington.

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