Parker: "I will be ready"

Parker: "I will be ready"


Parker: "I will be ready"


Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker played one of his best games last season as Clemson defeated No. 8 Miami on Parker’s pass to Jacoby Ford in overtime.  Kyle has fond memories from last year’s game, but knows 2010 is a new year.

“It is a new year this year.  We are going to have to prepare like we need to and hopefully we will go out there and be ready to go,” said Parker.

How does Kyle feel after his injury in the Auburn game?

“I feel good.  I am still a little bit sore but I am expecting by Saturday I will be ready to go.  I participated in the whole practice yesterday.  I feel fine so I am going to get out there and keep working,” replied Parker.

Kyle will wear some protection to help guard against an additional injury.

“I will have something more just for precautions,” said Parker.

Watch Kyle discuss his health, last year’s victory over Miami, Saturday’s matchup and much more!


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